Liquor Store Insurance

Owning a liquor store presents unique risks for you, the business owner, due to the potentially dangerous nature of alcohol.  The specialists here have the experience and ability to provide you with the best possible liquor store insurance.  


Funeral Home Insurance

As a funeral director, you help families get through their most difficult times.  If shopping for funeral directors insurance is not at the top of your to-do list, we understand.  And that’s why we provide you important business insurance.


Ice Cream Shop Insurance

Ice cream and frozen yogurt are quite possibly the most universally beloved comfort foods. And although your business is selling sweet stuff, what you’re really serving are smiles. To make sure those smiles keep coming from happy customers, you depend on the right insurance.


Plumbers Insurance

Your Plumbing Business is your livelihood. As such, protecting yourself from unforeseen claims is not only critical to you, but to us as well.  Not only do you need comprehensive coverage – you need the best pricing possible for that coverage.


Landscaper Insurance

As an owner/operator of a landscape gardening business, you have special insurance needs. Our tailored package is designed for businesses like yours. It contains coverage and features for various contracting trades. And, as an added benefit, it offers special optional coverages to address the specific needs of landscape gardeners.


Pizzeria Insurance

We understand the challenges for pizzerias! Your Pizza Business is your biggest asset... but did you know it can be your biggest liability too?  The normal day-to-day activities of your pizza business is exactly the reason why your insurance protection must be put together in a way that really provides the protection you need.


Electrician Insurance

We understand electricians—whether your business is large or small, even just a self-employed person. Our electrician insurance options are designed to meet the unique needs of electrical contractors.


Hardware Store Insurance

Owning a hardware store is a satisfying accomplishment. A lot of the time, hard work and money gets invested into starting a successful hardware store. Don’t risk everything you’ve already put into it by skimping where it counts: Your small business insurance.


Restaurant Insurance

We have the tools to give you the best Restaurant Insurance packages.  With our long standing experience we understand how restaurants work and we understand which Restaurant Insurance coverages are needed. Get a Restaurant Insurance quote today!

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Hotel & Motel Insurance

Would you like to focus on running your hotel/motel, instead of insurance problems? At The Insurance Agency of Cape Cod, we take that worry and provide exceptional customer service with competitive rates, so that you can focus on occupancy and let us worry about providing the insurance coverage you require.

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